The Discontent of “Sprinter”

It’s been a little quiet around the Atomic Overmind Press, but we are, in fact, still here.  The trailing edge of 2018’s Winter has brought a variety of distractions, ranging from travel, to illness, to website hacks, and to just flat-out being buried in other work. But as Winter finally seems to be in its annual death throes (despite it already technically being Spring), the skies are clearing, and I’m getting the lights back on around here. So, a quick round-up of where things stand on projects right now.

The New Web Look

As you can see, in the wake of the hack (which fortunately didn’t really damage anything), I’ve overhauled the look into something nice, simple, clean and hopefully a little better organized than the old one. I’m still working on recovering some of the website text and cleaning up page links and the like, but hopefully everything will be active and updated by the end of the week. If nothing else, it’s functional right now.

Reign Returns…For Real!

When we last posted back in January, I announced that Greg Stolze’s fantastic game Reign was coming back in a second edition, and we’d be crowdfunding it. We were a *little* overly ambitious about the timeframe for that happening, but Greg and I have been beavering away working on the background logistics of the Kickstarter set up in the last couple of months. Over the next few weeks we’ll be previewing a bit of how the new version will be structured, and our plans for the new edition’s production. So watch this space for more information about Reign 2E!

More Ragnarok

We DO have new things coming for The Day After Ragnarok this year! We’re not quite ready to put dates to these yet, but in 2018 at some point you can expect:

  • One Sheets: More One Sheet adventures for both the Savage Worlds and Fate Core versions of DAR.
  • Fate Core Conversions: Quite a few of the existing supplements and Serpent Scales have yet to be converted to Fate Core. We’ll be addressing that forthwith.
  • More Figure Flats: The third set of Figure Flats should be making an appearance soon as well.
  • More Adventures and Supplements: Dain Lybarger’s adventure Celtic Double Cross, Ian “Lizard” Harac’s Spaeleoherpetologists Handbook and Ken’s own Memphis – Gateway to the Poisoned Lands are various states of writing and development.

Tour de Lovecraft: Late Backers Welcome!

Our Kickstarter for Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, and the expanded edition of The Tales went extremely well, and Ken Hite and I are moving forward (albeit a little slowly) on the creation of the set. If you missed the Kickstarter you can still get in on some of the action before we move things over to Backerkit. We’re accepting late backers until later this Spring, so click the banner below if you’re interested in Tour de Lovecraft!



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