Tehran: Nest of Spies

In the wake of the Serpentfall, Persia lies balanced between the desperate British Empire and the malevolent Soviet Union. Both powers have toyed with Persia in the past; both would gladly swallow it whole in the present. Their machinations reach a fever pitch in Persia’s historic capital …

This 35-page City Sourcebook for Tehran in the world of The Day After Ragnarok features:

  • Key locations in Tehran, both specific (the Shah’s Palace) and generic (”the refinery” “the dingy cafe”) tuned for maximum action!
  • A full map of Tehran, keyed to the text and waiting for you to make your mark!
  • Friends and foes, from the Shah and his enemies to cultists and spies. Twisty plots by the SIS, NKVD, the Turks, the Nazi Ba’athists, and other players of the secret game. Four fully-statted NPCs, including the enigmatic ayatollah Khomeini!
  • Three monsters of the Persian night — the dog-headed Kil-barak, the eerie avian Symir, and Ganj, the glittering jewel serpent!
  • A Savage Scenario Starter: “A Key For the Peacock,” and a Tehran Urban Adventure Generator that can throw any game group into the middle of Tehran’s boiling conspiratorial action!

PDF versions of Tehran: Nest of Spies are available for Savage Worlds from the AOP online store or from our friends over at DriveThruRPG, and Warehouse 13.

Memphis: Gateway to the Poisoned Lands (2018)

After the Serpentfall, floods and horrors rise all along the Mississippi valley. Only the Bluff City survives, kept alive by hard choices and harder men. Strangers come to Memphis from deep in the dark, from out in the wild, from all over. They set out for the Delta, or for the wild Poisoned Lands, ready to kill or to heal, but most of all ready for trouble. Because we’ve got trouble, right here in the River City …
This City Sourcebook for Memphis in the world of The Day After Ragnarok features:
  • Key locations and full maps of Memphis and Tennessee, keyed to the text and waiting for you to make your mark!
  • Friends and foes, from Boss Crump’s arm-twisters to surly tattooed barbarians to the shining Oak Ridge Men. Klandestine plotters, swamp cultists, hoodoo men, and more lurk in Memphis’ streets or call to secret Things deep in the Delta.
  • Monsters of the Tennessee night: I wampus cats, Shonokins, and even more snakes.
  • Poisoned Lands Adventures: The complete guide to adventuring in the Poisoned Lands: encounter tables, salvaged treasures, and a big bag of adventure seeds waiting for you to plant

The Speleoherpetologist’s Handbook (2018)

Who goes into the belly of the Midgard Serpent?
Who dares the horrors from before the Jurassic dawned — from before the gods died?
Who brings the terror and the poison of Jörmungandr into the light of science?
Who takes the deadly technologies built from such things back into the darkness?
You do.

You are the heroes of S Detachment, the speleo-herpetologists, the snake-caving warrior-scientists who explore the unknown to build the future.

The Speleoherpetologist’s Handbook  opens up the biggest, deadliest, most poisonous dungeon ever — the 2,500-mile long body of the dead Midgard Serpent — to adventure and horror. Loathsome new monsters, deadly ophi-tech, and complete adventure support in  The Day After Ragnarok style all wait for you … inside!

Ian “Lizard” Harac explores the inner recesses of the snake that smashed the world, in this supplement for Kenneth Hite’s The Day After Ragnarok.