Serpent Scales

There are a thousand tales to be told in the world of The Day After Ragnarok, some big and some small. Serpent Scales is an ongoing series of articles shining some light into the interesting little corners of the world after the Serpentfall. These smaller articles will cover the people, places and things of the post-Serpentfall world that are just a bit too esoteric for a full supplement. Sizes and prices vary for each one. But don’t worry, playability and usability are our top priority, no matter the length. All killer, no filler!

PDFs of Serpent Scales are available from the AOP online store, or from our friends over at DriveThruRPG, and Warehouse 13.

The New
(Happiness is)
a Sten Gun
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Monster Island 
  The Lion in
Fimbulwinter –