Reign 2E Now Available for Pre-Order

At long last, Greg Stolze’s game of Lords and Leaders returns! Reign: Rules and Reign: Realms together form the second edition of this One Role Engine-powered fantasy game in which your characters can can defend and bring prosperity to threatened lands–or, if you prefer, conquer and pillage on a vast and awesome scale. Reign: Rules contains everything you need to run your Reign game in whatever world you choose. Reign: Realms provides you with the world of Heluso and Milonda as a primary setting, and two other fantasy drifts (Nain and Ardwin) which you can can either use straight-up, or pillage for parts for your own game.

The Standard and Special Editions of Reign.

We have completed crowdfund fulfillment, and are moving toward a general release of these two books! The standard editions of Reign: Rules and Reign: Realms should be available in your friendly local game store within a few weeks. But you can pre-order them NOW from the Atomic Overmind Press webstore. Also available are the limited Special Editions of each volume, in gold foil-stamped red and blue faux leather respectively. The Standard Editions will be available in game stores worldwide, but the Special Editions are limited quantity, and only available direct from us via mail order, or at game conventions from our partners, Studio 2 Publishing.

Check them out in the Atomic Overmind Press Webstore!

The Reign GM Screen/Slipcase, shown unfolded, and wrapped around the two books.

Finally, if you want to get both books, why not order one of the Reign 2E books sets, featured in the crowdfunded, and available in limited quantities directly from Atomic Overmind Press. These sets include both Reign books in either Standard or Special edition, and feature a hardcover, landscape format GM screen that wraps around both books and secures with a magnetic clasp, forming a slipcase for both books! These sets also include both books in PDF form.

Order this limited quantity set from the Atomic Overmind Press Webstore!

This second edition of Reign has been a long time coming, and we’re extremely proud to finally get it out into the wider world. However you decide to enter the world of Reign we welcome you!