A World Where Stone and Starlight Reign

The third Reign: Reality (a series of “drifts” or alternate settings for the Reign roleplaying game), has arrived in PDF form, and is now available in both the AOP store, and from our friends over at DriveThruRPG.com! This is Gifts of Starlight, Gifts of Stone!

In the Center of the World There is a Hidden Valley…

In this lush and tranquil valley, there stands a great and magnificent city, half hewn out of granite and limestone, half spun out of the very light of the stars. Porcelain arabesques twin with marble shrines, gold-domed cathedrals with towers carved into living trees. The city is known by many names, but it is the City of Oréva, and the Lords of Giantkind and Feykind sit enthroned here, in the light and shade of the Gods.

For countless eternities, the children of starlight and the children of stone have held magic in trust for the Gods, straining against each other for the greater share of divine power. Through them and their courts, magic is passed to favored mortals, to further their aims in the world. These two factions have given rise to ever more contentious divisions, each seeking to finally unbalance the equilibrium, and ultimately shape to their vision the world of Varovéa, and its components: the Sacred Realm of Oréva and the Mortal World of Ayéva.

In Gifts of Starlight, Gifts of Stone, PCs govern one of several factions who operate in Oréva, working to achieve their various goals. Players perform offerings and creative displays for the various Gods in order to obtain more magic, tilting the balance of power towards their faction. Success in Oréva grants the players increased power to impact events in Ayéva, commanding peoples and armies, and funneling magic to those who serve their purposes.

Reign defaults to grittiness, both in its outcomes and its setting. If you’d rather be living just up the block from the gods, this is the setting for you. Gifts of Starlight, Gifts of Stone is high epic fantasy, where deathless fey and giants contend to defend the lives of the mortal myriads, or else destroy them.

Reign: Realities – Gifts of Starlight, Gifts of Stone requires the Reign: Rules book to play.

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