Welcome to the Violent Planet

The second Reign: Reality (a series of “drifts” or alternate settings for the Reign roleplaying game), has arrived in PDF form, and is now available in both the AOP store, and from our friends over at DriveThruRPG.com! This is Out of the Violent Planet!

Everyone is psychic. Everyone in the known universe. Everyone except us.

Out of the Violent Planet is Greg Stolze’s foray into unhinged psi-fi. A lot of SF posits that humans are the most _______ in the setting—the most creative, the most ruthless, the most empathetic, the most adaptable. But what about the idea that we were the least something—the least psychic of all the known sentient species?

The cover of Reign: Realities - Out of the Violent Planet,  depicting a three human soldiers firing their weapons at a hulking alien.

From that premise, Greg branched into the idea that every other galactic culture is built on telepathy, and the conflicts arose naturally. Play Out of the Violent Planet if you want to see the sinister human conspiracies of The X-Files deal with obvious aliens that don’t quite know what to make of us. Encounter the Leatherbacks, Cyblobs, or the people of the Free Worlds. Ally yourself with the Global Eite, Internationalists or Ideo-Fascists. Become a Ductee, Suck-puppy, Gundaddy, Soul, or Xenobiologist. Lock and load your guns and go to Sniper School. Be Cool under Fire or walk the Path of the Crazy M**********r.

The aliens are here. Humanity is a thousand times less societaly and technologically advance…but also a thousand times more violent.

What could possibly go wrong?

Reign: Realities – Out of the Violent Planet requires the Reign: Rules book to play.

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