Last Call for REIGN Late Backers!

The extremely trying year that has been 2020 is almost in the rear view mirror, and we here at Atomic Overmind Press are an anxious as anyone to put it far behind us. 2021 will see finally see publication of Greg Stolze’s REIGN Second Edition (consisting of REIGN: Rules, REIGN: Realms and REIGN: Realities), and we’re going to go ahead and close out the late backer period with this current year. You have until Midnight PST December 31, 2020 to get on board and get access to the special editions, and the slip-case/GM screen. Additionally, you’ll get the PDF of REIGN: Realities just for backing, and be able to buy the hardcover version at a huge discount!

You can find the REIGN Late Backers sign up in the Atomic Overmind Store:

Join us, and here’s to a better new year ahead!

1 thoughts on “Last Call for REIGN Late Backers!

  1. Hey! If we missed this, will there be options to buy the Reign books – including Realities, with the stretch goals – at some later point?

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