Reign Returns: FAQ #4

We hope everyone had a great weekend. We’re hurtling toward our project launch for Reign 2E tomorrow, and we have one more installment of the Reign 2E FAQ Today we’ll talk about the whys and wherefores of why we’re crowdfunding Reign 2E.

Why Kickstart it?

Why would we not? The supplements have done very well as Kickstarted individual products, so the fan base seems satisfied with crowdfunding as a concept and as a platform. I’m at less risk because the pledge money pays for the printing instead of (say) me taking out a second mortgage. The fans get a better product because I get to see how much they fund, how interested they are in particular options or expansions, and they don’t have to deal with a book that was written by someone fretting about a second mortgage. I’ve always been a Kickstarter fan—if nothing else, it’s an avenue of communication between makers and buyers that keeps both sides from wasting their time.

What are some of the cool things you hope to add if the Kickstarter goes well?

Well, as mentioned, Reign has a stable system. I didn’t see anything hugely broken or obviously missing, so I hope to just tighten and tidy the mechanics. The extra stuff is cool, inventive settings from other authors. I’d already done a wizard school setting (Nain) and a SF setting where everyone in the universe is psychic, except us (Out of the Violent Planet). The stretch goals here include a science horror government investigation game written by myself and Patrick O’Duffy. It’s called Leviathan and it’s sort of a cross between The X-Files and The Hot Zone, only set in the world’s most poisonous continent, Australia. There’s a mythic setting for feudal Japan, and another for the legions of Rome. And there are stranger ones, like STORKCO, a setting about what happens to society when children aren’t born, they’re storked. It’s possible that we’ll be able to make this into a whole third book!

That’s it! Internet gods willing and the creek don’t rise, and we’ll be launching this project tomorrow, on Kickstarter! We hope you’ll join us.


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