Greg Stolze’s Reign PDFs Now Available!

At long last, the electronic versions of Greg Stolze’s Reign Second Edition are here! PDFs of both Reign: Rules and Reign: Realms are available for purchase in the Atomic Overmind Press Webstore, or from our partners over at

Within its 240 pages, the One Roll Engine-powered Reign: Rules revises, expands and reorganizes the game rule information from Reign‘s first edition, adding material on how to create esoteric paths, fluid combat, dealing with stormy seas, staging exciting chase scenes, or even ordering your minions into glorious war!

Clocking in at 296 pages, Reign: Realms contains all the background material for the strange world of Heluso and Milonda, where a panoply of strange civilizations lives out their days on the bodies of two long-dead gods. It’s a world of strange magic and even stranger geography, where cities are ruled by clairvoyant sorcerers who need never age and die–as long as their vile appetites are fed. Sects of fanatics use magic to turn their own bones to rock, iron, and sometimes even gold. Wizards grow wings and spit lightning. Demons evolve over years, decades, and centuries until they must be fought, not by heroes, but by nations. Its mysteries and revelations await your Reign companies.

Reign: Realms also contains two shorter settings that flex the One Roll Engine in different fantastical directions. Ardwin demolishes and reassembles the treatment of “fantasy races” with no humans, a clear split between how you’re born and how you’re raised, and fantasy genetics explaining how six different humanoid groups interbreed. Nain is a setting of high wizardry where the wands, pointy hats, and spell grammar hide a society full of inequalities, resentments, and treasonous conspiracies.

Print release for these books will come later in 2023, but the Rules and Realms of Reign are within your grasp now in PDF form!

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