Reign 2 is coming…NEXT WEEK!

We’re happy to announce that we are finally ready to pull the trigger on the Reign 2 Kickstarter! Just one week from now, on July 18th, you’ll be able to begin helping us bring back Greg Stolze’s game of lords and leaders in a revised, upgraded, deluxe format…and potentially with some pretty amazing bells and whistles.

As a lead up to that, we’ll be posting a part-by-part FAQ for the Reign 2 project. We’ll start out today with a brief introduction to the game’s creator, and its basic premise.

Who are you and what would I know you from?

My name’s Greg Stolze, and I’ve been writing RPG stuff for pay since 1996 so… you might know me from a LOT of stuff. I’ve worked on several old World of Darkness lines, wrote some novels for them in addition to all the fiction that’s up at my web site, but more recently I’ve been involved with the reboot of Delta Green. I’m also the co-creator of Unknown Armies. I designed the original mechanics for it, and redesigned them for the recent third edition. Also, even if you haven’t heard of Reign, it’s been around for a while.

What’s the Elevator Pitch for Reign?

It’s a high fantasy game where you can give quests instead of taking them. Reign presents a world that isn’t in immanent danger of being destroyed—it’s a world full of complex cultures, old grievances, religions in conflict and sullen old schools of wizardry that can crisp off your arm. In addition to the usual FRPG heroics and enchantment, it has a system for statting up nations, or cults, or secret conspiracies and resolving their broader conflicts, instead of just leaving the fallout of their clashes to GM narration.

We’ll continue the FAQ tomorrow, so keep your eyes open!


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