Unlocked Reign: Realities

The Newborn World, By Jose Garcia. The Newborn World is a prehistoric fantasy setting where you and your friends play inhabitants of the Tabula Rasa, a literal island of stability in the chaos of the Endless Ocean. Life on the island is harsh, but you are more than just a group of hardy survivors. You are Kin, a band of individuals united by purpose and one of the very first societies. With the power of Shaping and Naming at your disposal, you can remake the land as you see fit. With enough strength and power, you will transform the island into a setting ripe for future campaigns…if the other Kin on the island don’t do it first.

Gifts of Starlight, Gifts of Stone, By Rabbit and Brandes Stoddard. Click here for descriptions of all unlocked Reign: Realities. There is a place in the world where the gods speak directly to those who are willing to hear them. In their wisdom, they grant their blessings to those who best embody their will, to implement in the world. In this place, the Courts of the Fey and the Parliament of Giants compete in works of creation and curation in the living world. They strive to prove for their factions, or just for themselves, that they will put the gods’ gifts to best use. Other factions seek to form a union of these two peoples, while some seek to claim the Gods’ gifts for themselves alone, defying the will of the courts. Still others wish to destroy the Sacred Domain altogether, forever shattering the link between the Gods and the world.

And finally, what of the mortals, thus far denied entry to the Sacred Domain?

December Revolution, By Lochlan Sudarshan. The year is 1984. Since the end of WW1, the United States and Russian empire have been on peaceful terms. The Bolshevik Revolution is little more than another unsuccessful coup relegated to the footnotes of history. For decades, both countries’ best and brightest minds have been working alongside one another instead of at each others’ throats, pushing mankind to unimagined technological heights. This has come at a cost. With increased progress, there is increased consumption. Without the creeping specter of the other guy making something first, conservation has largely gone out the window. There may be fewer barriers to making the latest and greatest people-mover or bigger, thinner flat screen, but resources are growing scarcer every day. People are always designing bigger and better rockets and don’t need to use them to blow each other up anymore. Soon, the day will come when the US-Russo coalition weeps for new worlds to conquer. What are you going to do about it?

Leviathan, By Greg Stolze and Patrick O’Duffy Down Under is under siege. As the leaders of a government conspiracy keeping a lid on strange happenings, you’re tasked with investigating an outbreak of UFO sightings, strange illnesses, and dangerous cryptofauna. But how can you organise a response when your agents keep dying or going insane, and when your political rivals steal your budget? Welcome to Leviathan, a Company-focused campaign about bureaucracy and ontological horror set in the exotic land of modern-day Australia.

Age of Sail and Cogs, By John Snead This supplement for Reign, Second Edition brings the continents of Heluso and Milonda into an age of muskets, pirates, cannon, printing presses clockwork, and hot air balloons, similar to the Napoleonic Era on Earth. In this era, empires are expanding, literacy and agricultural productivity are both increasing, wars are becoming deadlier, increasingly advanced technology is being created in workshops by skilled crafters, and social change is in the air. This supplement transforms the setting of Reign into a world of clockwork magic and naval battles between oceangoing vessels and hot air airships.”

Silver Pavilion, By Allan Goodall Fifteenth century Japan is a country embroiled in civil war. Kyoto is in ruins. Powerful lords strike from fortified manors separated by labyrinthine trench lines. In distant provinces lesser nobles clash as they expand their domains and settle old scores. Neglected peasants join warrior monks in revolt. In dark forests and on lonely mountains, spirits and demons stalk the unwary. As player characters guide their clan to victory during the vicious quagmire of the Ōnin War, the opportunities are as great as the dangers, for this is a time of gekokujō, when “the low overcome the high”.

Enchanted Education, By Lisa Padol Play leaders in a modern magical school — whether we’re talking Utena or Harry Potter or Raven Boys. Lead a club or a clique as a student. Be a department head as a teacher. In this world, nothing important is ever just one thing. The student council secretly vies for control over the city or the world. The school’s football team might be the foot soldiers counting coup against their opponents or they might secretly be cultists or an experimental group of golems or robots. The theater club might be made up of slumming fae folk on vacation. Perhaps the trophy for a particular athletic contest is also the Holy Grail. Or the giant diamond that the Physics Department uses to create new particles is also an ancient Sumerian artifact stolen from the History Department — and the History Department wants it back!

Saga of Dust & Bone, By Tracy Barnett Raganrok has stalled. The dwarves came with their massive, metal destroyers and our ancestors bound their spirits to the bones of dead giants to fight back. Fifty years ago, the dwarves just… vanished. They left behind their dwarven metal fortresses, their technology, and a legacy of ruin. War of Dust and Bone is a genre-bending setting combining elements of Norse myth with westerns. Reclaim what the dwarves took from your people and reverse the Ragnarok that has gripped Midgard.

Get Out the Vote, By Jose Garcia In the world of Get Out the Vote, democracy isn’t just important, it’s a source of magical power. Over a century ago, a revolution shattered the arcane force powering the empires of old and scattered its pieces among the people. Now, in the bustling city of Hecantz, political machines known as Foundations battle for mystical superiority at the ballot box, and you and your friends will play those embroiled in the fight. Whether your Company chooses to join the Foundations or go it alone, winning the hearts and minds of the people of an ancient, living city will be tough. Dealing with the secrets that lie in its underbelly will be even tougher.

StorkCo, By Lochlan Sudarshan The year is 1999. Giving birth to live young is an eccentricity. If you hear someone is live-born at a party or as a rumor, you’ll eye them with amusement, like hearing they make their own mayonnaise. You guess there’s nothing wrong with it, but why bother? StorkCo’s been prime-delivering funky fresh and flawless babies longer than anyone can remember without the need for stretch marks or waiting or the risk of Tay-Sachs or sickle cell or whatever you vaguely remember hearing about in history class. There’s no more scarcity or hunger since anybody can download a StorkCo lab-grown veal Big Mac for a couple of bucks, but that’s not to say no one has problems. In a post-scarcity world, information is king. People are always fighting over the rights to this or that in the news and some are even trying to block their own genetic templates from being copied and mass-marketed. “Information wants to be free,” or at least that’s what the reps from StorkCo say on tv. The Amish and the guys who yell at you on the subway feel differently. When you walk by ten people on the street with your face on the way to work, you’re starting to think maybe they have a point.

Nagalasitu, By Caleb Stokes In a time before recorded history, the immortal masters of Nagalisitu blighted the world to fuel the dark ritual that transported their malignant kingdom of decadent sorcery into another realm. Locked away in a dimension of their own twisted design, the primordial wizards became gods outside of space and time, isolating themselves to study the profane, arcane mysteries free from the interference of the humanity they had left behind. It took centuries for the world to recover from the unnatural excision of the Nagalisitu lands, but their influence has haunted every civilization since. Every few decades, entire villages went missing in the night, gone without trace save burned buildings and slain elders. These unfortunates are the “Reaved,” abducted by the Nagalisitu to serve as slaves in their hellish kingdom. The disappearances have always been seen as unpreventable tragedy: the inexorable fallout of the sordid council’s ascension, echoing forever through the ages. Until now.