Reign: Realities Authors

Jose R. Garcia (no relation to Jose Garcia, co-designer of Feng Shui 1E) has worked in tabletop games for several years. He has most notably been published in several game lines from Onyx Path Publishing, and can be heard on the Termination Shock podcast.

Rabbit Stoddard is a writer and game designer who has written for Grim Wars 2 and a campaign starter kit for Unknown Armies 3, among other super sekkrit (for now) things. She very rarely writes a game blog, Deck of Many Things, and is married to Brandes, which means they run a lot of D&D for each other. That works out pretty well.

Brandes Stoddard is a writer and game designer who writes for Rite Publishing and Tribality. He also writes a gaming blog, Harbinger of Doom (, and is married to Rabbit, which means we run a lot of D&D for each other and have a partner for local co-op games. What more can you really want?

Lochlan Sudarshan has contributed to Unknown Armies 3, Grim War II, Termination Shock, and Reign He is Texas born and Texas bred. He has an incurable hunger for speculative fiction of all stripes and shows no signs of stopping his search for weird and wonderful things. He earned a degree in creative writing from Southern Methodist University and has spread his love of reading with the world though teaching ever since. He frequently collaborates with Greg Stolze. He met his fiancee, Andrea Laver, through their shared love of writing, and today they are the proud owners of four guinea pigs.

Patrick O’Duffy worked with Greg on White Wolf properties like Hunter: The Reckoning and Demon: The Fallen, as well as being a major contributor to Green Ronin’s Thieves World and Freeport lines. While Patrick is largely retired from RPG writing, Greg lured him back to co-author Leviathan, a game of bureaucratic intrigue and bio-horror in the land down under. Along with his horrific sensibilities, Patrick uses his authentic Australianness to answer questions like ‘what lurks in the barren outback’, ‘how many tourists get killed by crocodiles each year’ and ‘what the hell is Vegemite anyway’.

John Snead has been a full time freelance game designer for 20 years and has written more than a dozen published magic systems. He also developed the idea for and wrote much of the romantic fantasy RPG Blue Rose, and created and wrote the Mythras urban fantasy supplement After the Vampire Wars. He has written extensively for Ars Magica, Exalted, the recent Conan RPG, Changeling: The Lost, Mage: The Awakening, and many other games. John Snead is also the developer for Onyx Path Publishing’s upcoming science fiction game Trinity Continuum: Æon.

Allan Goodall, a Scottish-born Canadian-American, has more than a passing familiarity with alternative history and the One Roll Engine. Allan is the author of This Favored Land, a Wild Talents sourcebook for the American Civil War, and the campaign books Black Devils Brigade and Courtyard of Hell for Godlike. His adventure, “Beyond the Limits of the North” appears in the Elder Godlike crossover supplement for Achtung! Cthulhu. The Silver Pavilion is the culmination of a 30 year exploration of feudal Japan that started in a video store with the words, “What does this Kurosawa dude have to do with Star Wars?”

Lisa Padol has been playing RPGs since the 1980s and running them since 1991. She has been writing for Alarums & Excursions since 1991, and has written material for Unknown Armies and reviews for The Familiar, The Unspeakable Oath, and She has edited and proofread games and scenarios from Arc Dream Publishing, Golden Goblin Press, Modiphius Entertainment, Parenthesis Press, and Rogue Games. She has also playtested games for Evil Hat Productions and Pelgrane Press, and knows a playtest has been unusually successful when her players inform her that she is going to run the game again next week even though the playtest period is over.

Tracy Barnett is a genderqueer (they/them) game designer (School Daze, Iron Edda Accelerated) and podcast producer (TheOtherCast). By working with other publishers and producing their own content, they hope to make game design and podcasting their full-time work. In addition to the games they’ve published themselves, Tracy has worked with Paizo, Evil Hat, Encoded Designs, and Galileo Games.

Cam Banks is an award-winning tabletop game designer, developer, and producer from New Zealand. He’s had a lifelong obsession with super heroes, giant monsters, mythology, and epic sagas. Living for the last two decades in the USA, Cam is heading back to his homeland with his wife and kids with a renewed interest in telling great stories in diverse and dramatic worlds.

Caleb Stokes is the founder and owner of Hebanon Games, an indie RPG and boardgame company. Red Markets is Hebanon Games most recent project: it made $72,248 with 1448 backers last year before shipping on time. His first book, No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression, funded for $6805 with the help of 250 backers. Caleb has also participated in major Kickstarters as a consultant, primary author, and contributing freelance author. He’s a frequent contributor at Ross Payton’s Role Playing Public Radio, one of the longest running RPG podcasts online. He also co-hosts The Mixed Six Podcast with Spencer Harris.