We’re proud to introduce the first brand new One Sheet for The Day After Ragnarok since the Fate Core edition of the setting released.

Lawrence is a town of nearly 300 in the heart of coal country. Yesterday, disaster struck the nearby Darby Company mine: an underground coal fire is burning, threatening Lawrence and its inhabitants. But is there more to this fire than meets the eye?

Author Paul Stefko offers a scenario that easily slots into any Poisoned Lands-based campaign. Survive the flames and toxic gas to help evacuate the town…but beware the fire down below!

This One-Sheet for The Day After Ragnarok contains everything you need for a quick and easy adventure for your party in the World after Serpentfall. It’s available for both Savage Worlds and Fate Core, and can be found in the AOP Webstore, or from our friends over at!

In Case You Missed It…

Are you familiar with our One Sheets series for The Day After Ragnarok? Well, we’ve been gradually converting the series to cover Fate Core in addition to the Savage Worlds system.  So far Hollerin’ PinesWheels Up LandingAny Port in a StormRaise A Glass, and Something Fishy are available for both systems. And all future One Sheets will be available for both systems! Check them out in the AOP webstore, or take a look at the upcoming ones on the One Sheet product page.