DAR_SS04_cov-207x300No, it’s not a joke, not an illusion…Serpent Scale #4 is finally here! The Lion In Fimbulwinter – Sweden After the Serpentfall gives you a thorough briefing on the that country after the day the shook the world.

When the Midgard Serpent fell to the Americans’ nuclear fire in July 1945, Denmark and Norway sheltered Sweden from the worst of it: Sweden’s survivors could shelter in their damaged buildings from the torrential rain that became torrential hail and snow. A near-civil war in the wake of Serpentfall forced the Crown Prince to flee, and a fragile coalition government holds a tenuous grasp on the reins of power. The Serpent’s body lies humped and cloudy on the western horizon. The Americans have pulled back to the Rockies; the center of the British Empire removed to Australia. The Royal Navy can keep station in the North Sea, but the Red Army commands all of Europe east of the Serpent Curtain. Soviet agents and skulk and plot in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö…and there are far fouler things lurking in the dark winter night.

The country its people call Mother Svea stands alone.

Inside this 10-page PDF you’ll find:

  • The history of Sweden in the wake of Jörmungandr’s demise, from the death of a king to the rise of Communist influence!
  • Details on the society and government of Sweden, and the conspirators, both foreign and domestic, planning its downfall!
  • Information on the fortress island of Heligoland, refuge of Crown Prince Gustav Adolph!
  • Statistics for trolls & trollwives, vile and twisted servants of the jötunn!
  • Scenario Sparks, adventure seeds for your adventures in post-Serpentfall Sweden!

Both the Fate Core and Savage Worlds version of are available in the AOP webstore, or from our friends over at!

In case you missed it…

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