CiWMAtomic Overmind Press is proud to announce the long-awaited electronic publication of Jason Colavito’s Cthulhu in World Mythology!

Denied by generations of scholars as mere fiction, astonishing new mythological and archaeological evidence proves that an advanced and ancient global cult spread the worship of the octopus-headed Great Cthulhu and his Old Ones to every corner of the prehistoric world—and gives a shockingly eldritch and miasmal cast to some of history’s most important mythological tales. Why is it that the Greeks feared a terrible monster with writhing tentacles? Why did peoples of the Pacific build cyclopean stone “Houses of the Octopus” to enact the periodic resurrection of that strange mollusk?

Profound and persuasive, Jason Colavito’s historical bombshell Cthulhu in World Mythology is the result of the author’s lifelong pursuit of the truth behind the widespread allusions to Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and the Old Ones in world literature. The author masterfully weaves together (in alphabetical order) ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, art history, astrology, astronomy, Atlantis theory, demonology, linguistics, literary theory, mythology, the occult, religious studies, and xenoarchaeology to tell the hidden history of early humanity.

Cthulhu in World Mythology author Jason Colavito was interviewed by the finefolks over at RandomHouse’s science fiction site  Check it out for even more information and background on his development and writing of this monumental work.

Kindle users can purchase Cthulhu in World Mythology over at  If the Nook is your reader of choice, you can find the book at the Barnes & Noble online store. Finally, both EPUB and mobi formats are available in the Atomic Overmind webstore. A PDF release will follow next week, with a print release later on in March 2014.

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