NTotYSAfter some production delays, it’s finally on its way…Robin D. Laws’s short story collection New Tales of the Yellow Sign! This collection expands the classic horror mythos of weird tales pioneer and Lovecraft precursor Robert W. Chambers into new vistas of unease and imagination. Over the course of eight troubling stories, writer and visionary game designer Robin D. Laws lures you into diseased timelines, impossible pasts, and the all-too-terrifying present. The limited hardcover Author’s Edition was released at Gen Con 2012, and we’re now ready to unleash the softcover edition on an unsuspecting world.  New Tales of the Yellow Sign can be pre-ordered in print for in the Atomic Overmind Store, along with the Epub, Mobi and PDF versions as well. We’re even offering a combo deal if you want to start reading immediately.

So, sterilize your suicide chamber, harken to the remorseless clicking of your black box, and whistle for the monstrous creature that lives in your basement. The pallid mask awaits.

New Tales of the Yellow Sign can also be found in Kindle form on, or in Epub form over at Smashwords. The Ebook forms can be found on