Next up, a little update about what’s on the agenda as far as book releases go from Atomic Overmind Press in 2013. We’ve got some things backed up from last year, and we’re anxious to get them out there for everyone’s enjoyment.


New Tales of the Yellow Sign

First up for release this year is Robin D. Laws’s short story collection New Tales of the Yellow Sign. This collection expands the classic horror mythos of weird tales pioneer and Lovecraft precursor Robert W. Chambers into new vistas of unease and imagination. Over the course of eight troubling stories, writer and visionary game designer Robin D. Laws lures you into diseased timelines, impossible pasts, and the all-too-terrifying present.You can already get it in Kindle form on, or in epub form over at SmashwordsNew Tales of the Yellow Sign will be available in PDF form in just a few short weeks, and should be available in print form in mid-March. We’ll be putting up pre-orders for it starting next week.

Cthulhu in World Mythology


Next up is Jason Colavito’s  magnum opus Cthulhu in World Mythology. Ancient myths, once dismissed as fantasies, can now be seen in their true light—as a record of the coming of Cthulhu and his reign on the early Earth. Strange archaeological sites, once dismissed as merely “religious,” can now be viewed as deliberate imitations of Cthulhu’s lost city of R’lyeh and its non-Euclidean architecture. If you have ever watched Ancient Aliens and wondered whether ancient astronauts were real, Cthulhu in World Mythology provides essential proof. The print release will hit stores in May of this year, but the PDF and Epub/Kindle versions. will be unleashed in late March. We’ll start pre-orders for the print version when the e-versions release. Delve into the pages of Cthulhu in World Mythology if you have an open mind and are ready to hear Cthulhu’s call!

Zombies 101

101_zombiesThe third book we have confirmed is the second in our 101 series (finally), Zombies 101! We all know the zombie apocalypse is on the way, and Zombies 101 is here to help! Author Kenneth Hite and his Brains Trust (Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales, Cthulhu 101) walks you through the tangled maze of lore concerning the risen dead in legend, fiction, media, pop culture…and even your very own backyard! Pay close attention, because the dead are stirring in their graves… Zombies 101 will also feature the art stylings of Cthulhu 101 artist Drew Pocza!

This second installment in the 101 series will mark a bit of a change for the 101 Series, as we’ll be switching to hardcover for this and subsequent installments. We’ll also be formatting it for release in electronic forms beyond simply PDF as well, so it should be fun all around. Current plans are to have this one ready just in time for Halloween 2013!

Reprints & Other Business

Currently, both Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales and Cthuthu 101 are currently out of print, and we’ll be doing our best to get them back into print later in the year. Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales will likely get some sort of deluxe re-release (Ken and I are still talking possibilities for this over) while Cthulhu 101 will get upgraded to the new hardcover format mentioned in the Zombies 101 information above. Gameplaywright’s The Bones: Us and our Dice is still available as well.

And, of course, there are the requisite ideas that are floating around that might coalesce into something interesting. But if last year taught me anything, it’s to keep a lid on those until they are fully formed. Rest assured that notice will be posted about them here when/if they do come together.

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