DAR_FATE_cov-207x300Greetings from the snowbound metro DC area!  We’ve finally shaken the holiday hangover here at Overmind HQ, and are stoking the fires under our creative boilers for a new year…hopefully a more productive one than the last. 2013 was a year that could charitably be described as problematic, with production delays a-plenty. t’s been a frustrating couple of years and I have high hopes that 2014 will result in some long-promised products finally see the light of day. I.  We have a lot of cool things planned, and we’ll be telling you about them in the near future, but I’m going to try to cut down on promises that don’t come to pass. A bit too much of that, I think.

The Fate of Ragnarok

But now for the good news to start the year: The Day After Ragnarok: Fate Core Edition has shipped from the printers! Our partners at PSI will be processing the pre-orders as soon as it arrives, and everyone out there generous enough to pre-order the book will have it in their hot little hands  in the next couple of weeks. You should be able to order it through your FLGS in late February. When we get a firm street date, we’ll definitely let you know, but until then you can still pre-order the book in the Atomic Overmind Press Webstore.

More news to come about both new The Day After Ragnarok material and other AOP projects the next few days. Stay tuned!