BoTThe Bundle of Holding‘s Lovecraftian incarnation, The Bundle of Tentacles, is winding down, but you have just a few short hours left to get in on it. For a price YOU choose (minimum $7.95), you get over $100 worth of amazing Lovecraftian RPG goodness! The Bundle of Tentacles includes:

  • Cubicle 7’s ENnie-winning Cthulhu Britannica: Shadows Over Scotland;
  •  The Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide from Pelgrane Press.
  • Kenneth Hite’s Dubious Shards and Cthulhu 101 from us here at Atomic Overmind Press.
  • Cakebread & Walton’s Dark Streets, a supplement for their Renaissance Deluxe, as well as the Dark Streets scenario Hellfire. (And it includes the complete Renaissance Deluxe rulebook!).
  • Pay more than the current average to get eight bonus titles:
  • Two more by Ken Hite, Tarot of Cthulhu and (with Robin D. Laws) and Shadows Over Filmland.
  • three issues of Arc Dream’s magazine The Unspeakable Oath (Kindle and ePub formats).
  • The newest Cthulhu Britannica volume, Folklore.
  • John Snead’s Lovecraftian alternate-future SFRPG Eldritch Skies.

There are less than THREE HOURS left in this amazing deal, so head on over to right now to get in on the Bundle of Tentacles!