In this, the second installment of the Gasmask Gazetteer, we explore a singular example of the corrupt underworld of Neo-Victorian London: St. John’s Public House. A simple pub conceals a depraved house of ill-repute where one can indulge one’s taste for flesh, drugs, and gambling upon both games of chance and displays of violence. The establishment’s staff is introduced, its decadent halls described, and we conclude with new Flash Thief Stunts for Criminals as well as two new Qualities appropriate for any character who spends his time among such poor company.

The Gasmask Gazetteer is a supplement for Unhallowed Metropolis, Revised, of interest to and use by Narrators and players alike. Each installment of the Gazetteer shines a light upon a location in the city of London, 2105 A.D. and the inhabitants thereof and relates to a specific Calling. These places are described in grim detail for use by Narrators seeking locations to include in their games of Unhallowed Metropolis and include statistics for important nonplayer characters. Further, players may find these locations and non-player characters useful in describing the backgrounds of their own characters. Finally, each installment of the Gazetteer concludes with several items intended for the use of players, including new Calling-specific Stunts as well as a number of new combat Stunts, Qualities, Impediments, or equipment of use to any character.

Gasmask Gazetteer #2: St. John’s Public House is a 10 page PDF, and is available in the Atomic Overmind webstore for $2.99. The PDF is also available at