My character

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My character

Postby Da Boss » Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:02 pm

Slightly self indulgant but in case of interest my character :)

Miss Camilla Oldfield


Camilla was the daughter and only child of Doctor Anthony Oldfield and his wife, Alice and she was consequently brought up in the relatively comfortable if somewhat stiffing lifestyle of the middle class. This came to an abrupt and tragic end one cold winters evening.

She had just returned with her mother from a dinner at Mr Carmichaels, a friend of her fathers and who had a suspiciously eligible son, only five years her senior. They were not expecting Dr Oldfield for some hours, he had communicated his prior engagement at breakfast as he had obtained an important if demanding new client.

The two women chatted about the events of the evening, both having enjoyed the evening and the subsequent verbal manoeuvring around the subject of Mr Carmichaels son. Returning to her room to prepare for bed, she was disturbed by a scream from downstairs - she and her maid were unsure what to do, but Camilla decided to investigate.

As she slowly descended the stair she heard snarling, as if some dog had entered their home - for her father loathed such animals and saw no need for any need for other pets. At the foot of the staircase she was frozen into immobility by the site of a feral vampire tearing at the throat of her dying mother. She vaguely heard a thud behind her as the maid fainted but herself was frozen in place as the Vampire raised its gore covered face and locked eyes with her.

Much of the rest of the evening is still lost to her, either lost or sealed away by her mind to protect her sanity. Occasionally dark memories of terror and abuse surface in dreams, but she has grown used to these aberrations, apparently her mind is surprisingly adaptive to such things. No one else survived the Vampires depredations, her father apparently falling victim on his own return and the servants toyed with until they too perished.

Apparently the Vampire saw some merit in attempting to turn into one its own kind and refrained for merely finishing her off and became careless. The one part she can remember with crystal clarity is the Vampire resting in her parents bed - seemingly asleep or dormant as she came into the room, a coal scuttle in her hand. As she began to stave its head in, it began to awaken, but the damage was done and she did not stop hitting the creature until it disintegrated into dust.

The authorities investigated and cleared up the mess, and her Uncle Silas took control over the family assets, initially he and his wife were sympathetic but it soon became clear most people thought she would have been better to have perished with her parents.

This became especially obvious when it became obvious that her experiences had not only affected her mind, but she hah become a Dhampier. Whilst such creatures were lauded for their abilities and were often discreetly lusted after and discussed in gentleman's clubs, they were not something one wanted in ones own family.

The next few years were hard but she survived, although she was forced at first to accept the "protection" of several gentlemen who were more impressed with her transformation than her striking looks. One of them however had more interesting diversions in mind, not for him mere bloodletting and sex but he sought the excitement of pitting his body and wits against inhuman opponents. Whilst he was arrogant, he was not foolish and considered that his own pet "Vampire killer" would provide a useful edge.

Lord Fellows spend considerable money honing her skills and reflexes and the pair cut a swathe through the unnatural creatures that plagued London. Yet even these hunts eventually paled and six months ago he sought other diversions, for which she was no longer needed. Luckily she had already established connections of her own, who were keen to see the creatures she hunted dispatched and coupled with the rewards of her association with the jaded lord meant that she was now comfortably off.

The hunts satisfied a need in her that could not be sated and besides which both drinking blood and sex were nothing. Indeed she retains the attitudes of her class towards the latter, seeing it as a dull but necessary task only really enjoyed by men although she is aware of her looks and how they can be used to her advantage. The former is useful, especially before a hunt but again not something she craves, something that may be a conscious separation from the creature that killed her parents.

To date she has not hunted humans, but the notion has occurred to her in the past..................
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Re: My character

Postby Morriskat » Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:24 pm

Very interesting background, you posted information.
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