Who goes into the belly of the Midgard Serpent?

Who dares the horrors from before the Jurassic dawned — from before the gods died?

Who brings the terror and the poison of Jörmungandr into the light of science?

Who takes the deadly technologies built from such things back into the darkness?

You do.

You are the heroes of S Detachment, the speleo-herpetologists, the snake-caving warrior-scientists who explore the unknown to build the future.

The Speleoherpetologist’s Handbook  opens up the biggest, deadliest, most poisonous dungeon ever — the 2,500-mile long body of the dead Midgard Serpent — to adventure and horror. Loathsome new monsters, deadly ophi-tech, and complete adventure support in  The Day After Ragnarok style all wait for you … inside!

Ian “Lizard” Harac explores the inner recesses of the snake that smashed the world, in this supplement for Kenneth Hite’s The Day After Ragnarok.


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